Thursday, July 9, 2015

Share design or not?


I did receive several request to publish my design, but have not made up my mind if i do that and how. In any case if i publish the files, it will be after I finished building a playfield with the 3d printed parts and testing all of them on reliability. If it does not work, it is a bit useless to share the design, except to show how it should not be done.

I have published some designs on thingiverse. There is a lot of interest in some of them. For example an extruder puller design has been viewed 4000 times, and downloaded 700 times. But it is all very very one-way flow. Of these 800 downloaded designs, possible 10% is printed so maybe  70 of them are now in the wild. From these 70 printed , I only receive from 2! a thanks for the design, and only one took the effort to show his print. This is not really satisfying, and does not give a good incentive to publish more designs.

So I have to find a way to get more satisfaction if I publish them.

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