Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lane guides


Line guides do move the ball in a certain position. Normally they are used to make multiple lanes, with ball switches between them. Normally they have light below them.

For example, you can see some here in a firepower playfield:


They come is different sizes. They come in both double sided or single sided guides.


This is a 40mm short double sided lane guide.


A single sided lane guide with pins.


ball side



rear side.

A re-enforcement rib was added to absorb pinball collisions better. The sides acing the pins are angled in two dimensions to allow the rubber to pass.




I also experimented with other shapes, like this pyramid.  Does not fit a firepower Scifi pin to well.


Still it is an interesting shape, and will use it in the future. Still needs a bit of tuning by making the center parts a bit larger.

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