Thursday, March 26, 2015



To make a pinball you need a surprising amount of things. Even when I making most parts of the pinball myself, you still needs lots of them. My desk is full of stuff.

I just got my parcel from Marco with rubbers and balls. I ordered the FirePower rubber set. Likely  most rubbers will match, but some will not because I will change some parts on the playfield.

Marco uses a strange company to handle the international orders : IGlobal. I paid 5 dollar extra for tracking. But do you think they the send me a tracking number?  Had to ask for it. First they email I didn’t pay for tracking, but then it occurred to them I had, and send me one. Still a useless tracking number: it was not tracked, even when the latest due date of the parce was just 4 days away. Suddenly it popped up:  It was only tracking the part in New Zealand ! What a waste of money for a tracking number! The only good things ware that the customer service answered very fast and the parcel did arrive.

Likely will not order much any more from the USA: the shipping cost is killing !


It was nice to see that the rubbers fit the flippers very well .



Also received where the WS2812 addressable RGB leds. These are quite nice because the vendor already soldered a 10cm lead between the Leds. So in most places this will be long enough to go from one playfield insert to the next. This will save me a huge amount of soldering.  In some places the distance will be too long, and I will need to extend the wire.


With use of a little bracket (still to design) the Leds will be mounted on the bottom and top of the playfield. Still need to try them to see how bright they actually are, but that is not straight forward because these Leds need to controlled with a special digital pattern.


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