Saturday, March 21, 2015

Firepower Pinball


This website is dedicated to the firepower pinball: and has lot of info about the game. What is missing is a good scan of the playfield.

Firepower was one of the most sold pinball machines and was designed by the Williams company (that has since closed doors)

The FirePower playfield looks like this:


These are the active elements on the field:


1 01 Ball Release ( trough )

2 08 Ball Ramp Thrower ( trough )

3 04 Left Eject Hole 1

4 05 Right Eject Hole 2

5 06 Upper Right Eject Hole 3

6 07 Left Ball Saver Kicker

7 17 Top Left Jet Bumper (pop bumper 1)

8 18 Bottom Left Jet Bumper (pop bumper 2)

9 19 Top Right Jet Bumper (pop bumper 3)

10 20 Bottom Right Jet Bumper (pop bumper 4)

11 21 Right Kicker ( slingshot 1)

12 22 Left Kicker ( slingshot 2)

13 -  Right flipper

14 -  Left flipper



To do

The playfield contains 3 types of elements: active with coils, sensors and playfield objects .

First, I started with designing the active parts. Then the sensors, the playfield objects, the playfield cad and decals.


Active parts

2x flipper (l,r)

1x ball saver

3x eject

2x slingshot (l,r)

4x pop bumper

1x trough (2 coils)



3x 3Target

1x 1target

7x rubber switch

1x spinner

The rollover switches and other lane switches are replaced with induction sensors.


Playfield Objects

Playfield objects:  ball guides, pins, covers, inserts etc.

Not defined yet.

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