Saturday, March 21, 2015



Started with the flipper design. Thingiverse had some examples like , so could follow their size. ‘Dawn’ it in openscad 3d design tool. Drawn is a possible the wrong word, because openscad looks more like a programming langue.

I tried also freecad, but that is not mature enough at the moment. It has the potential to become a good cad tool, but there are just to many bugs in them to be usefull. Also I like a bit more parameterazable  designs. 

Openscad is very extreme in parameterazable  : it only works that way.

Anyhow. This is the result:



The 3d printed result:


The flipper is printed this with transparent ABS. I have a filament maker and quite a couple of Kg of this transparent ABS as granules, so most parts of the pinball will be printed in transparent.


The shaft is made with a 6mmx70 silver still rod, with a flat facet for extra grip. The rod is mounted in the flipper by heating it and melting it in the flipper. This gives a very strong bold.

Still waiting on my shipment from with the pinballs and rubbers, before I really can test it. For sofar the top playfield part of the flipper. Now need to design the actuator for it.

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