Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fire Action pinball


While surfing the internet, I came across the Fire Action pinball.

The translite:

Back glass Fire Action

The playfield.

Playfield design

It looked very familiar to me!

The Fire Action pinball is made by the Brazilian company Taito. It is an imitation of the Firepower pinball. The graphics used in the games are not copies. Taito designed the graphics themselves, so I assume they did not violate copyrights.  They also made other imitations of popular pinball machines.

For more information see the IPDB pinball database.

For comparison here are the FirePower (left) and Fire Action (right) pinballs side by side:

image-16 Back glass Fire Action


Some examples of other translites from the Taito company:


Back glass Cosmic

For more Taito pinball pictures see

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